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Embodying the romance of the sea and elegance in design, these unique asymmetric earrings masterfully fuse the natural beauty of seashells with the luxurious luster of sand gold. The earring with sand gold technique shimmers like sunlight on a sandy beach, offering a soft and textured appearance. Its counterpart features an ingenious seashell element, whispering the secrets of the ocean and adding a touch of mystery and nature-inspired charm to your style. Together, these earrings create a perfect symphony of ocean romance and refined craftsmanship.

Asymmetrical Fan Sand Gold Asymmetric Earrings

  • Material: 925 Silver & AK real pearl & shell

    Length: 20mm (inc wire) & 50mm(inc wire)

  • Free UK shipping over £25

    Standard Royal Mail UK delivery (1 to 7 working days)

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